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About Me


Growing up, my version of fun always consisted of mixing up "healing" potions and lotions. My parents had to put labels on every container in our fridge because pouring a glass of “juice” typically turned out to be a fermented concoction of green mucky herbs instead.

Upon finishing elementary school, I moved to Italy. My father always suffered from various health ailments while living in Canada, but seemed to feel his very best when we would take our annual summer vacation to his hometown in Southern Italy.

During my time spent there, I discovered that daily walks by the ocean played a crucial role in improving his health. Routinely exposure to the iodine abundant air supported thyroid regulation. Nature has always been my greatest teacher and thankfully, has led me down this path. 

Making my shift into adulthood in another country wasn't necessarily an easy transition, especially during a time where acne took over my entire face, back and shoulders. 

Looking back, I remember spending the whole first year re-evaluating my diet, lifestyle, hygiene practices and skin care routine in hopes to figure out how I could heal my skin. 

During my visit back to Canada, I decided to book an appointment with my family doctor. Without hesitation, his immediate recommendation was a prescription for the birth control pill. I was fourteen years old at the time and surely wasn't equipped with the knowledge I know today. 

It didn't make sense that a daily medication was the solution, especially at such a young age. Upon returning to Italy, I learned about natural derived remedies through a fourth-generation herbalist and within two weeks my skin began to heal.

Throughout this experience, I learned that the underlying cause of acne was related to inflammation. But the question remained, what was the cause of the inflammation? Desperate for answers, I began to experiment. I eliminated some of the traditional inflammatory foods such as gluten and dairy and noticed an even mores significant transformation in my skin.

It became clear that the human body cannot fully heal simply by focusing on its component parts alone, but rather, it's the system as a whole which determines collectively how the parts behave.
Thanks to my journey with acne, my passion for health and wellness sparked. I strive to promote the body’s natural healing ability. My journey has allowed me to heal myself and now I want to help you heal. 

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